BIM Project Management Training

3rd edition | 18th-23rd april 2019

The most efficient solution for delivering construction projects using BIM (Building information Modelling).

BIM Project



3rd edition | 18th-23rd april 2019

The most efficient solution for delivering construction projects using BIM (Building information Modelling).

Reaching the 3rd edition, the course offers a theoretical and practical experience in BIM, as well as the stages of BIM implementation in projects.


The attenders will benefit from the know-how of Novart Engineering in matters of BIM, having the change to ask questions and discuss problems encountered in the projects they are developing, a complete set of documentation – standards, templates, BIM reference publications, practical examples of BIM approaches in project management.

It is not a course for software skills, but a course for developing abilities of BIM project management.



The training is suitable for:

  • Investors
  • Representatives of public authority
  • Construction specialists (architects, engineers)
  • Other persons interested in inovation in constructions and the built enviroment

Training schedule:

4 half-day sessions, in 18th, 19th, 22nd and 23rd april 2019


Build up your know-how in the most efficient method of construction project management!

What you will learn from this course:

Introductive notions about BIM
  • Introducere, istoric, concepte BIM


Aspects of implementing BIM in construction projects
  • Ciclul de viață al proiectului, etapele livrării BIM
  • Inițierea proiectelor BIM – Asset (Organisation) Information Requirements
  • Specificarea cerintelor Beneficiarului/Investitorului – Employer’s Information Requirements(EIR)
  • Nivelul de maturitate BIM
  • Evaluarea capacității de a livra BIM a echipei de proiect
  • Metode de procurare utilizând BIM pentru servicii și lucrări de construcții (traditional, design & build, construction management, two stage open book, integrated project insurance, cost led)
  • Utilizări BIM – BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
  • Alegerea tehnologiilor necesare pentru livrarea BIM a proiectului
  • LoX, Level of model Definition, Level of Development, Level of Detail, level of Information
BIM approaches in construction processes
  • Abordări BIM în proiecte noi și reabilitări
  • Abordări BIM pentru proiecte de clădiri, infrastructură și energie
BIM Project Management


  • Formarea echipei de livrare BIM a proiectului, roluri și responsabilități
  • Rolul managerului de proiect într-un proiect livrat BIM
  • Planificarea proiectelor BIM – Project plan, BIM execution plan, utilizări ale BIM
  • Scopul Proiectului, principiile realizării modelului BIM
  • Managementul de proiect în proiectele BIM
  • Managementul colaborării, utilizarea Common Data Environment
  • Managementul achizițiilor în proiectele BIM
  • Managementul costurilor în proiectele BIM
  • Managementul calității în proiectele BIM
  • COBie pentru lifecycle data management/facility management
  • Utilizarea BIM în contractele FIDIC și în contractele standard (HG 1/2018)

Meet the trainers

Eng. Dumitru Minciu

General Manager at Novart Engineering, eng. Dumitru Minciu graduated from Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest and has been leading the construction project management firm Novart Engineering since its founding, in 2008.

He is an expert in construction project management, with 10 years experience in projects of construction digitalization and BIM.

He studied BIM Management at Middlesex University London and also has a Master Degree in Digital Project Management at ASE, Cybernetics Faculty.

Arch. Daniel Pană

Arch. Daniel Pană graduated form Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism and has been leading the PERFORMA design studio since 2000, its foundation year.

He is a member of OAR Bucharest and of Architects for Health, London, UK. He is one of the BIM pioneers in Romania, 
Este unul din pionierii BIM în România, involved as an expert in the activity of thenational commision for ISO 19650 approval.

His works include multiple compex projects like health care buildings, airports, offices and collective housing, developed using BIM technology.


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For registration, please complete the form below and send the payment proof at least 3 days before the start of the course, through e-mail at The participation fee must be paid in full, according to the EUR/RON exchange rate in the payment date, in the account S.C. Novart Engineering  S.R.L., mentioning: “Taxa curs. C.U.I.: RO24648388” Raiffeisen Bank account: RO80 RZBR 0000 0600 1388 4503 The participation fee includes course support and all the necessary auxiliary materials, the course room fully-equipped as well as coffee break. Registrations are made within the available number of seats, according to the order of form and payment proof receival.